It’s easier to feed 150 people than you might think. It simply takes 1 trip to a local grocery store or by placing an online order for delivery (see 'Grocery Delivery Options' under the Sandwiches tab) to purchase the supplies, and then preparing 150 sandwiches. Six people can prepare 150 sandwiches in about 30 minutes. The total cost is approximately $100, and it will end up feeding 150 people in urgent need.

Preparing 150 Sandwiches

Step 1: Submit your request by filling out and submitting our sign up form located on the homepage of the MRD web site Please provide a time and location on your sign up form.

Step 2: Once we receive your request form, you’ll receive a confirmation from MRD within 2-3 days.

Step 3: Purchase food as follows:
Meat: Pre-packaged turkey, chicken or turkey bologna, or regular bologna products that make eight helpings per package. 19 packages = 150 sandwiches. (One slice per sandwich)s.
Cheese: There are packages of cheese that come in quantity of 72. Buy two packs plus another small eight pack (one slice per sandwich).
Bread: A loaf of bread generally makes 10 sandwiches. 15 loaves = 150 sandwiches.
Zip Lock Sandwich Bags: Commonly come in boxes of 150. No fold-over bags please.
No Condiments (butter, mayo, mustard, etc.) please.
Wash hands and all preparation surfaces. Plastic gloves work well too!

Step 4: Assemble sandwiches, place in Ziploc bags, and then place completed sandwiches BACK IN THE BREAD LOAF BAG (each loaf bag holds 10-12 sandwiches). Be sure to DATE each loaf bag with the date the sandwiches were made (with a black permanent marker or a sticker).
Storage: Please place the completed bagged sandwiches back in the bread bags.
Refrigerate/Freeze your sandwiches at all times at 41F or below.

Step 5: We will let you know when we send your initial confirmation if we’re be able to come to your event and pick up the sandwiches you prepare. If time permits, we’d love to thank your group as well and explain how and where the sandwiches will be distributed within the homeless community. If we’re unable to pick them up, we’ll provide directions for you to deliver them to one of our sandwich drop sites throughout the Twin Cities. If you don’t provide a time and location on your sign up form, we ask that you email us ASAP with the time for your event. If you have any additional questions Mr. Law can be reached at 612.423.9923 or Steve Aase at 612.803.2287.

There will always be extras of something…do your best!