Samaritans Outreach Program

The MRD Samaritans Outreach Program provides basic living necessities for the homeless, poor, underprivileged children, and their families. Responding to several calls for help each day, Allan makes multiple stops to deliver basic food items, clothing, personal care & first aid kits, emergency funds, and on-the-street care and support to people in urgent need. He also provides referrals to agencies that help with housing, counseling, chemical dependency, job placement, financial aid, and healthcare. We also provide short term funding for people in need of temporary housing. Temporary housing has become a critical need in the Twin Cities over the past several months, because homeless shelters are over capacity on most nights, and affordable rental housing has become scarce. In addition, we provide bus tokens, sandwiches, and bottled water to homeless people living outside. Riding the bus provides them safe refuge from the city streets, and a place to get out inclement weather. We also distribute bus tokens for people without transportation to get to job interviews, and medical or counseling appointments.